About us

Our company is based in Palma, Mallorca. On the island, like much of the world, water is a valuable commodity which we value highly.

Our public tap water varies in quality and although mostly safe to drink, is not at all pleasant as it contains chlorine. Natural well supplied water is not safe to drink.

People buy incredibly expensive plastic bottled water. The cost to families and to the environment is not acceptable.

We have been selling water filter systems for 20 years and pride ourselves on providing clean, safe and sustainable water for you and your families.

Water is vital to us all, and we all deserve to enjoy clean, safe, reliable water which we know will support our environment. 

BaleAgua Company Profile

Following some twenty year’s experience in operating a successful water business in the UK, and after twelve months of research into the water quality and treatments on Mallorca, we launched BaleAgua Water Systems in 2010.

Our survey evidence revealed a number of problems both with the vastly varying water quality and the traditional treatments used to combat the unhealthy and costly effects of the hard water found throughout the Balearic Islands.

Both are long established treatments that have changed little in fifty years, and both are relatively affordable to install, but require careful maintenance to operate efficiently. The former requires constant purchasing of salt and loses water to drain.

Reverse Osmosis can lose as much as 80% water to drain and apart from these ongoing hidden costs, they exacerbate the constant water shortage on Mallorca, not to mention the cost of all that water being paid for then discarded. Reverse Osmosis, produces a product water devoid of all minerals or taste.

The waste water from Salt Based Softening is of such high salinity that many states in America and a growing number of countries in Europe, are banning their use as they adversely affect the water treatment plants. The product water is also high in salinity and not recommended for children, the elderly, and those on low sodium diets. 

We found alternative systems that overcame these wasteful practices and in 2010, we introduced Doulton Ceramic Purification for drinking water and Watts OneFlow Water Conditioning Scale Control to the Balearics. Both products are manufactured by world-class companies with decades of trusted quality and excellence in the water industry. 

Doulton UK have been producing their Ceramic/Carbon filter candles for over 170 years and are continuously refining the product. It is a simple system that requires little space under your sink, is washable to extend its working life, and delivers a natural, great-tasting drinking water with all the healthy minerals. It completely removes chlorine and as it needs no drainage, no water is wasted.

Based in the US, Watts have representation all over the world and have gained a reputation for top-quality products you can trust. In the late nineties, they purchased the patent for a German invention that has transformed the treatment for hard water problems. Their product – OneFlow, conditions the water using catalytic conversion of the calcium molecules so that they form crystals and do not adhere to pipes and surfaces. OneFlow also retains all the healthy minerals.

It requires little space and needs no drainage so wastes no water. Once installed, there is no costly maintenance or additional purchases and it comes with a three-year warranty, after which the special media should be replaced to ensure continued efficiency.

Our Doulton filters will operate efficiently anywhere, but as the quality and content of the water supplies are so variable on the island, we must have a sample of each client´s supply independently analysed before constructing the correct OneFlow model for each location.

We offer a very personalised service and respond to all client requests or situations within 24 hours.